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BDL Trading Source is a specialty Import\Export team

BDL offers a wide range of product search services for hard to find products for your business. We have both an Import and an Export platform that supports moving those products for you. We are partnered with OEM companies in the USA, Taiwan, South Korea and China.

Background story

Doug and Lillian are a strong Christian couple. They are deeply involved in the local community and with friends.  Lillian is original from Taiwan and pays close attention to the COVID-19 since the news broke out worldwide, even before the Chinese New Year which was Jan 25. Since then, they have tracked the world news and follow up with friends and family all over the global. By the end of February Lillian knew some friends that had died in China and medical professional friends in California starting to cry about not having proper protection gear for the front-line workers. In the week of the March 15 when our President was still telling American COVID-19 is just another flu, we were already prepared with gloves & medical masks for the family for this war.  Thanks to our doctor, friends and family around the global.  It really was easy learning from other countries.

How we can help

Doug works closely with hospitals as a service provider; Lillian has background in medical devices and the Trade Compliance industry. They have contacts in Asia that manufacture PPE products. Their company BDL export products from USA to Asia in white label agreements. By March 27, when US break the record of 100K people diagnosed, they already had orders for masks in place from China because they felt they need to do something to help, they felt a calling to use their connections to help the people they know.

The mask market quickly became muddied by a lot of people taking advantage of this pandemic. A lot of scams raising up asking for large sums of cash up front which simply created another panic and many people lost a lot of cash and still had no PPE to protect. The freight costs are running sky high and it has become very hard to get into the air traffic schedule due to the number of commercial planes no longer flying. Fast changes of the export and import regulations from Customs, the FDA and CDC creates changing stories on a daily basis; so now people are reluctant to trust. On top of that the federal government has been seizing some large import shipments of PPE which now makes it very risky to helping others in this very challenge process. However, they are still doing large amount of humanitarian efforts with masks for the purpose of helping those who are putting their life at risk to help save human lives. There are few politics, there is a lot of hope to help prevent the spread of the virus and decrease the loss of life.

BDL Trading Source has, and continues to, conduct proper due diligent on searching the PPE products in China. BDL has their own buyer in China and South Korea to investigate the manufactures if they are authorized to legally export quality certified PPE products. The company and products must be registered in China through a Medical Device Product Registration Certificate to be sold and exported. On the US import side, BDL is following the newest Enforcement Policy for Face Masks and Respirators During the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency published as of April 2020 to request the product certification through the FDA, reliable lab test and NIOSH certificate.  They are performing the needed research to be a value-added service for the front-line fighters by not acquiring products from just anyone. Too many items are coming in from new start up suppliers from all over the global. Even if the products are made to the right specifications there is no tracking to say that the supplies acquired to manufacture are also the correct specifications and are being controlled by the FDA standards. The documents that are provided with these products must have the proper lab testing and those tests must be done at the level that the FDA has defined.


Importing any PPE products from China is not easy or simple at any time and this pandemic has only made the process more challenging. There are many detailed process gates that must be passed through. BDL is committed to do the right thing no matter what the item is, large order or small.

Basic knowledge of masks

When wearing general medical and surgical masks, it should be discarded at most 24 hours, because the middle layer of the mask (called Meltblown non-woven filter fabric) is the most important layer, but it is very thin. The mask may have been damaged due to repeated wear, friction, air humidity and\or other factors, but it is not visible. When there is a little gap for the droplets to leak through the mask, it can no longer be a resist barrier for the virus.

Data source: CDC

Partner with BDL Trading Source

BDL is a small trading company, not a mega medical device broker, so there is little overhead. Therefore, BDL can provide high quality products at reasonable cost.  All the products BDL imports come with strict certifications. BDL perform self-audit to ensure the product meet the qualification.


Currently BDL has the high-quality medical masks available with the FDA certified lab test approved that the BFE rate on 94.4. (completed report is available upon request.) These masks have been arriving within 20 business days in cases of 1000.


If we can help you acquire PPE items for your team, please reach out. It is best we talk about what you need and in what volume to make sure we set the proper expectations.

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